Designers babies

“The creation of the so-called designer babies could begin in a few years.”

babies 1

Dr. Kevin Smith from Abertay University in Dundee in his analysis, he claims that the risk from gene editing is quite low and sort of speak it will be safe soon. According to him, the creation of such a “product” is at the same time “ethically justifiable” and “highly desirable”. Predicts fast revolution in genetically-modified (GM) people.

The news, you can find HERE

You can ask yourself, what the idea behind this! Well, their answer is something like: “this is a way to overcome disorders and illness before actually born.

Every single one of us can decide for himself and believe what suits him. I can speak only for myself and write the opinion in a way I see all this. Hopefully, I will give you a different point of view.


If you think about it, they talk about “artificial, man-made Evolution”. Logical question it will be, what the aim behind this? If we are a product of so-called Evolution, what’s the point in fast forward the natural process? The short answer we can find even in some Hollywood films like Transcendence with “Jack Sparrow” or Lucy with Morgan Freeman.

To be like or same as Gods can be the answer here. The short version is, this is the Dream of the “modern” Western society, to be like God, equal to Him and if it’s possible more than Him. That’s the aim behind the Science also, reject God and “evolve” in an artificial, man-made form. I must say here as well, the Bible says  we are “godlike”. That’s correct, according the Bible, God created us in His Own Image, so, We can be just like Him, right!?  Think for a second. If you believe in the Evolution, what is the last “stage” in our Evolution? Seems to me that our society is built in a way where in the end we will be Gods!


So-called “Modern” society lies on the old base. We can characterize Modern society only with his Arrogance. This society loves to speak things for himself, which are not the truth. If I can come into the role of a “prophet” I would say we are on the brink of repeating the story of Babel tower.



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