Catholic church and the hymn about “The Dawn” – Lucifer

pope and pedophiles
In our life, we have seen pretty disturbing clips or news somewhere on the Net. Sometimes we ask ourselves “Is this true or not”? One of those is a clip of hymn where deacon from the Catholic church seems like sings the name of Lucifer!
Yes, that’s right, if the clip is not corrupted somehow, definitely, we can look at it in this way. It is a good idea first to say that Satan and Lucifer according to the religious texts are two different persons. Lucifer is an angel who at some point in his existence wanted to have a throne over the Gods, so he was thrown from Heaven. On the other hand, Satan is an “individual” who, according to the biblical texts has the right to speak face to face with, God. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself in the book of Job.
A possible explanation is a corrupted video or at least manipulated clip or something of the sort. Besides this, I can’t see a reasonable excuse from the Vatican church. My only “concern” is the word Lucifer inside the hymn, this is all.
To be honest, this is not a piece of big news for me. I know it for some time now. Till now I took like something I can’t prove. All this was changed when I saw the article of the so-called brother Andre Marie! That’s how this small article is born.
In my eyes, the Vatican just confirmed my concern, through this the article of Andre Marie. There, right from the start, you can see confirmation of using the word Lucifer. He rather explains why the hymn is biblically correct and we don’t need to worry. More or less he gives a lesson about the meaning of the word “Lucifer” and how it is used in the bible, and at the same time, he doesn’t give a good explanation. Weirdly, he connects Christ with Lucifer saying “Morning star” in the Bible is used also for Jesus.
I must say, he doesn’t lie, writes all the time truths in his article, half-truths, in the end, he qualifies the clip as a Big Fat Lie. And in his article, he doesn’t declare undoubtedly that they (Catholic church) don’t sing about the mythological Lucifer. Rather, he said, the word Lucifer is not used as a synonym of Satan! Which is true, but in the same way, doesn’t deny Lucifer as a person in this Hymn, denies only Satan. If you read carefully, in the beginning, I already gave some information about this. They are two different individuals, personals if you like.
Brother Marie doesn’t deny! Let me give you some more arguments in this sense. Let’s say they can deny the using of the name Lucifer somehow. Well, first I Believe the Latin language has a different word for Dawn, not only Lucifer, which is a name at the same time.
Secondly, he (Andre Marie) writes all the time about the meaning of the name, yes, this is the very problem, they use as an excuse the meaning of the name, but let me tell you. The names in our World are not objected to translation. Every name has a meaning, but we don’t translate the names itself. A good example of “mistake” like this one is a translation latter by letter of the name Yeshua in Greek. The result was Iisus or Jesus in English.
Thirdly, I believe the Catholic church knows the attitude of ordinary people about Lucifer. Maybe the catholic itself doesn’t care and they accept this. But honestly, excuse me, if you sing about Lucifer you are singing about him, this is all. You are not singing about the Dawn. I hope you will understand and correct yourself.

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